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Who Are We?

We are an amateur esports organization that strives to bring competitive League of Legends to all skill levels. Started in March of 2017 by a soon-to-be college graduate named Travis Guyer, Risen eSports quickly grew. What started as two leagues of 10 teams each quickly became 4 leagues of varying size - for a total of 72 teams and over 400 players. With more growth on the horizon, Risen eSports continues to work hard to bring quality and fun to the community and players.

Why Us?

Great Community

We are passionate and friendly! You dont have to worry about fitting in.

Play Together

Team up with your friends, and take down the competition!

Improve Your Skill

The best way to improve your skill level is by playing competitively!


Rampage League

Competitive 5v5 action for players in the Bronze/Silver skill range.

Dominate League

Competitive 5v5 action for players in the Gold/Platinum skill range.

Champions League

The best that Competitive 5v5 action has to offer. No rank restriction. Just the best of the best duking it out!